Mission & Theory

Brand identity creation

Visual Branding - Adobe Suite

January | 2019 (2 Weeks)

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Mission & Theory Co. is a video production company focused on social and environmental justice. By connecting academics with creatives, Mission & Theory are able to create innovative documentaries that expand on important topics for maximum social impact.


The concepts revolved around the idea of freedom, science, and futurism. Since their logo needed to be extremely versatile for different displays, we focused on creating a bold word mark, with a symbolic ampersand, that could be used as an icon. Having the word mark in a bolded capped font gives the logo weight and ground. Having the ampersand being symbolized by an atom connected the two directions of “Mission” and “Theory” which demonstrates academics and innovation.

Process and Final


Mission & Theory is a startup brand, that is shining a new light on documentaries. With this in mind, having a boldface font, with clear letters is key for readability on multiple platforms. The idea of creating a rugged textured font was going to be an aesthetic that could run through the brand, but after user testing and brand consistency, having a simple verticle font produced a modern and fresh feel to the persona of the brand. Finishing with color, using a vibrant green with contrasting white and black backgrounds made the brand extremely noticeable and versatile. The green captured both environmental responsibility and trust.



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