The EDGE Philanthropitch

Event Website and Logo Design

UX / UI - Visual Branding - Adobe Suite - Cinema 4D

June - July | 2018 (5 Weeks)

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Sheridan's Entrepreneurship Discovery & Growth Engine is the home of many community events that encourage innovation. As a part of the EDGE design team, we were asked to create an identity for EDGE's upcoming philanthropic event. We created a logo and a 1-page website for potential guests, entrepreneurs, and judges to find information.


When branding the philanthropitch event, we needed to adhere to the brand guidelines of EDGE. This contained 3 main pallets to work with, and our personal preference for font faces. Knowing we had to work with these bold colours, we used shades of white to add to the pallet, which gave us more depth and variety. These shades of white were chosen because they did not overlap or collide with the main brand colours.


Building entrepreneurs has a major connection with building communities. With this logo, we focused on an icon that could symbolize growth and forward-thinking. This design choice then led us to create media assets with the same isometric view to create a strong cohesive branding guide.



This site was designed for new entrepreneurs. We established a style that was bold and punctual to give energy to the event. Our main goal was to create a smooth user flow, which entailed accessing the important information quickly, with as few steps as possible. By keeping the information concise and replacing text with custom graphics, we were able to condense the website to 1 page for a swift user experience.

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