Creating accessible communication between students and faculty

UX / UI - Adobe Suite - Cinema 4D

January 24 - 28 | 2020

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Sheridan College wants to improve the upkeep of campus facilities by creating a new system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance or repair. Design an experience that allows students to report building or equipment issues on campus.






Current Limitations

Currently, not everyone is submitting maintenance requests. The process is either too long, too complicated, or requires you to go through a hoop full of links to find the outdated form. We need a process that is familiar, to the point, and can offer students alternative solutions once they have submitted their findings.
Most importantly, we need this information to reach the faculty clearly, so they can take action while informing the campus of their progress.

User Considerations and Insights


Current students are looking for quick and simple solutions. It is essential to create a product that is not only simple but can give students solutions. If there was an issue with the main stairs of a campus, it is the campus's job to ensure that all students are aware of this issue before they make plans to travel. By giving students alternative routs to accessible areas can save time and frustration for any person regardless of there accessibilty.


Faculty members need a product that delivers the issues clearly, with a simple managing system. They do not have time to learn a whole new interface, so having a familiar structure, with simple interactions is key to keeping communication between the faculty and the campus.


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The experience is designed to be extremely functional. Apps are usually built to be swiss army knives, which can leave users feeling overwhelmed. By having minimal options, users can quickly find the functions they need. The strategy for the UI is to cater to an urgent user. This means displaying all options at all times to reduce questions and confusion.



Maintenance Form

Updates and Current Requests


Faculty Side

When logged in as a faculty member, the interface remains the same, but with editing capabilities. These editable fields are indicated with an icon to guide the user through each request. On this end, users are also able to view past requests and track new ones.

Product Design

Maintenance requests are usually seen as a tedious task. By using a bright green as the made product colour, it symbolizes speed and trust. Throughout the experience, there are minimal font sizes, and button types to keep the UI simple. The colour system style for buttons states are all the same to ensure consistency. Icons are designed to match its function as clear as possible to accommodate users.


When creating the brand, having strong symbolism will create trust and familiarity. Pylon is the symbol of maintenance, progress, and updates which correlates perfectly with the app. By using only one-word "Pylon" it can merge easily with any college or university brand. Ex. "Sheridan College Pylon"; recognizable, does not dominate the University brand, and to the point.

What's Next

The next step is making this application accessible anywhere. With some user testing to ensure the app is accessible for everyone, the UI will remain the same across all platforms to continue the trend of consistency and familiarity. The end goal for this application is to give all users up to date information, with alternative solutions that are due to campus maintenance. Creating a form that is simple and quick, will motivate students to report issues they find on campus. Thus creating accessible communication between students and faculty.

Put a Pylon where you need it.



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