3D room recreation

3D Modelling - Cinema 4D - Octane

January | 2019

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This project was a chance for me to learn how to create custom 3D models. I used a photo of my room as a reference for scale and placement. Once each asset was created, they were textured placed for final compositioning. The final post edit is rich with lighting and texture, giving a realistic perspective.


The process of creating each asset was pretty similar. I would take a photo of an object and try to mimic the proportions. During this, I found many ways to save time by putting less detail in areas where it’s not needed, and more emphasis on what is going to be seen. Overall, I really enjoyed this process because now I have full control over individual pieces of each object, which can be animated for some cool effects later!


The purpose for this project was to create stills, replicating my room. Once this was complete, I wanted to take it further and make an unrealistic animation. When I’m animating anything personal, I usually find myself going in an abstract direction. For this animation, I wanted to display the creative process, in a very calm setting. I like how the crystals crash into the room and disrupt any peace that may have been there. This was successful but was more funny than anything. Since I modelled every object in the scene, there were bound to be some broken normals, or unclosed edges that could not be seen until everything was put into a simulation. This part was just exploration, so the glitch actually added to the aesthetic of disturbance.


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