Collection of 3D animated character renders

3D Animaiton - Cinema 4D - Octane

March | 2019 (4 Weeks)

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This series of investigations, look at how abstracted motion can be a symbol of human movement. I experimented with many textures and atmospheres to set a different tone in each setting, while learning the limits of these abstractions. In each render, the goal was to create a narrative with ambiguity. Making the audience make their connections with the movement and atmosphere provided.


The patterns in each character are essential to creating the visual aesthetic, and most importantly, setting the mood of the narrative. For the majority of the textures, I really like going complex with detail, so while the animation is running, the user will be able to notice new details as time goes on. Most importantly, I really try to introduce dynamic textures. This could be motion, colour or basic Gestalt principals like proximity, that enhance the purpose of each texture. The textures above are a very intense futuristic look. The density of the cubes and rigid lines compare in contrast to smooth human skin.


Lighting is everything. The render above is the perfect example of lighting creating a moody narrative. By adding a focused light in the scene, it attracts both the users eyes, and gives all of the elements a focus area. This creates direction and motion in a static image.


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