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The Entrepreneur Discovery & Growth Engine is a program at Sheridan college dedicated to creating events and mentorship for early entrepreneurs. Philanthripitch is a pitch event for entrepreneurs looking to gain investments of up to $25,000.


4 Weeks


UX Research

Graphic Design

Motion Design

The Daily

Marketing Strategy


Multi-team Collaboration

β€œThe EDGE Philanthropitch aims to empower social enterprises in the GTA” - Sheridan College

How can we showcase the innovative entrepreneurs at EDGE who are creating impactful social change?


Build on the current EDGE brand to host Philanthropitch. Visitors need a landing page for promotion and a portal for how to get involved.

Philanthropitch is an opportunity for new social-oriented businesses to get the spotlight. This event will showcase ventures to share their story and connect with angel investors.

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Designing for the right audience


"Pitch Events is a great way for my business to make connections and grow!"


"Its places like this where you find upcoming impactful innovation"

New talent

"Networking with industry professionals while meeting current students pursuing their ideas is extremely motivating."

The face of the brand

Entrepreneurship represents the building blocks of society and innovation. The philanthropitch logo is versatile on all mediums and is scalable with partner sponsors.

Information Portal

To keep up with the pace of entrepreneurs and the majority of our audience, we needed to ensure all of the contents could be presented on 1 page, to minimize traffic loss and confusion.
Take a scroll!


Innovators and the community were able to
collaborate and select winners for the sponsorship prizes.
While creating a user-friendly website, philanthropitch
is now a scalable trustworthy name for events to come.

Other work

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