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Tools for Health Tracking: Well Documents


Undergrad thesis researching the current gaps to support long-term and acute health conditions.


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Survey of 45 participants show:

71% of medical patients do not document their practitioner visits or track personal data.

How can we help patients document
and track medical symptoms to better understand their personal health?


Medical assistance journal to follow and organize patient medical information.

Building a medical journal that adapts to your current health is essential for understanding personal health. Well is a support system for recalling events, communicating injury experiences and storing medical documents securely.

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How it works


Document the problem accurately with assistance from the reporting process.


Store documents, define terminology and export the necessary information to update specialists.


Stay current and begin to find patterns in overall health to progress treatment.

The Vision

Make tools accessible for individuals to take control of their health. The health spectrum is wide and brings an opportunity to grow an inclusive health-sharing community.

Learning the problem

Researching patient and practitioner experiences
to learn areas of weakness and current patterns that emerge.


Survey Participants


Patient Interviews


Specialists Interviews



“My documentation was mixed up between doctors, and my new specialists began working on the wrong knee...

“All of my son’s medical notes were manually journaled in a binder that doctors were eager to read as it was data they could use to better understand the problem

“Heath tracking apps could not adapt to my continuous situation, and physical paperwork can get lost!

“I’ve had doctors have no idea what my previous diagnosis was, so I had to do the research myself.


“We need to know everything that happened at the time of the event. Past conditions and details are so important, but many forget that its event relevant”

Long-term Care

“Updating a new specialist on my current situation takes too much time, and it is hard to translate what other specialists have said and recommended.”

Removing the barriers for documenting medical events

How can we better express the patient's experience?

When experiencing any type of mental or physical pain, patients can journal their experiences using a guided form. The guided form asks commonly asked questions that a practitioner would need to assess the situation. The goal is to ensure that even a minimal response is recorded so that practitioners are not relying on the patient's memory.

Keeping information on you when you need it

Getting to the root of the problem requires accurate data. Memories of a patient's experience often overlook details that could be essential knowledge for practitioners. Having a quick summary of current medical standings helps practitioners better understand their patients' needs and concerns.

Patient Quote

“Updating a new specialist on my current situation takes too much time, and it is hard to translate what other specialists have said and recommended.”

Staying ahead

Adopting current organization methods to make sense out of your medical documents.

Saving notes, x-rays and scanned images to store in a personal medical journal follows. Keeping organization simple and accessible to patients and detailed for reporting.

See progression

Daily check-ins on all aspects of one’s health

With well-rounded data covering all aspects of a patient's physical and mental health, they will be able to see patterns over time.

Supporting patients to take control of their medical records to make well-informed decisions that affect their personal health.


This iteration is the first of many to come. As the project began to open up many areas of opportunity to support niche patient needs while developing accessible tools. The future of design and research for this project will build upon its previous experiences learning from experts and patients.

To be Continued...

This was a personal project and has been a great experience discussing the complications people have had with the medical system. We need to take control of our health to continue to share and learn from our experiences so that tools are created to be accessible for everyone.

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